Zia Open Platform

Zia Open Platform

The Open Platform for Spatial Computing (Augmented Reality).

Zia is initially attempting to solve the Hardware-Platform issue of Augmented Reality. It is a project originated by Jon @Caraveo.

Ziawe Inc, is the organization that maintains Zia The Open Platform for using Augmented Reality as a spatial computing interface.

We are hoping to implement a successful Open Platform that can be used by any technology company to create their own version of hardware to access this emerging industry.

We want to solve the AR-Platform Problem, as we believe there is no hardware solution (yet) on the market that meets a certain standard for wide-range, holistic consumer application, and adoption.

We plan to implement what we call "Expo" apps, or experiences similar to what is now known as the [MetaVerse].

We want to implement an OPEN STANDARD for an Expo Store and a Protocol known as XTP:// Extensible Transfer Protocol, that will assist in linking AR Expos to one another.

Zia runs on it's own LICENSE known as The Open License or TOL v1.0 where as any corporation is allowed to use code in this repository that originated from this organization as long as they follow TOL v1.0.

In Summary:

1. We plan to build a Platform, that is based on open standards.

2. We plan to run an Expo Store.

3. We plan to implement the XTP (Protocol).

These are the goals of this project, and contributions and discussions come highly respected and appreciated.