Your idea with big potential.

Wao! This is really an innovative product you are building.

Very happy to review this project. I actually saw your post on frontier.

Hey, a fascinating product. I love the concept of [AR] I am a huge VR users with my Oculus very frequently I'm on that system


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Steve Jobs launches the iPad live on Stage and our Founder has a spark of an idea.

Inspired by Mission Impossible self destructing glasses, Google Glass, and Apple.


Full Sail University MGD

The founder talks about his idea to Full Sail University, about building a future that will allow Digital Elements to be seen in the real world. Where he talks about a partnership between a company like Luxottica (Rayban, Oakley, Maui-Jim) and a spatial reality company.

Which later became known as Meta.

*Unverified data from Founder




Founder begins to research the possibility that it might not be possible after all. Begins to doubt the possibility of Augmented Reality becoming a prevalent technology that will eventually not only replace smartphones but computers, as well.



The founder registers the first company that allows him to begin working on different software AR demos. Decides to name the platform IRIS.

Intelligent Retina Information System

It just happens to be known that Iris is the Goddess Messenger of Rainbow. The Messenger of the Gods. Who was tasked with communication between gods.

March 2021


Ziawe is incorporated.



Prototype Hardware