Apple + eScreen? Yes.

eReader? What if you could have your cake? Eat it too! Apple working on an eReader? Could, Would reMarkable be not an enemy of Apple, yet a Partner?

Honestly, I've never considered buying an e-ink tablet. I've owned many, many iPads and I love them.

Yet, the idea of the reMarkable tablet is really, really interesting to me. I use my iPad to write a lot, using handwriting and the Apple Pencil.

There is one thing that many people complain about with the iPad and that is that it does not "feel like paper." Companies even have products that make your iPad feel like paper with products similar to "paperlike", a type of screen protector that lets you cover the screen of your iPad.

Yet, I don't believe that honestly solves the problem 100%. I propose a dual-sided iPad. The **iPad Flip**.

It would consist of a partnership with reMarkable's software. When you flip the iPad it has an eScreen that would last a month.

It would give your writing access to Machine Learning. Yet, say you are surfing the site on safari. Then you just flip the iPad over, to read the article in focus mode. Then with an App Extension like Speechify, you could "Focus Read" which will allow your iPad Flip to read out loud the blog content, while you sight-read. You could obviously use this with iBook, Kindle Apps, and any other integration with iBooks API.

It would work with Apple Pencil. So you could write and focus on the efficiency of the screen maximizing your efficiency of battery usage and your "Focus Mode." Recently, I have been reading plenty of white papers, which are scientific research papers made by scientists and developers. Using contextual audio, and sight.

You could Sketch on the iPad Flip, and then *Flip*, it to be in full color and digital mode.

It would in practice, raise the IQ of societies, and be extremely useful in education. iPad Flip would literally, raise the intelligence of communities, by allowing people to Write and Read using machine learning, on an eScreen that is a little less stressful on the eyes and has a better battery efficiency than traditional screens. While still, making you efficient and allowing you freedom and choice!

It would implement Digital Wellbeing, Screen-Time, for kids where parents and guardians could lock the digital screen, and allow the *Flip Side* to have access to iBooks, and educative material, for specific times, even sketching!

Not Directly affiliated with reMarkable or Apple.



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