We have joined the Pioneer tournament!

Pioneer a Tournament for Startups!

Pioneer is a platform for Startups that allows Ziawe to commune with tech-minded Founders, for feedback and growth.  The platform allows us to keep track of our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Meaning we are tracking our metrics and performance as a Startup.  Pioneer allows us to get invaluable feedback from founders just like us, to help bring our vision of Iris into reality. Click here or above! To use our referral to join the greatest Founder community! Did we mention we're in a tournament?  Help us by clicking the referral at no cost and signing up your own Startup/business Idea to help us Win!

Overall, we want you to be part of the Frontier forum and help us provide any feedback on our Startup!

We would really like to build a community.  A strong, healthy, community based on helping people find success with our technology!

We've made a few friends on Pioneer and are looking forward to making more who are interested in helping our community find success and growth!

Feel free to join on Frontier or to track our progress on Pioneer!

Wish us luck!

Find us on the leaderboard! 🫡





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