First 70 Investors will have an option to receive 1% equity in Zia, and the “Device” on release date.



The Why.

1. Invest in Zia and gain access to cutting-edge augmented reality technology to power your company’s digital transformation. Zia's spatial computing platform offers high-fidelity visuals and advanced features that can revolutionize the way your business leverages and communicates technology.

2. Invest in Zia to future-proof your operations with access to cutting-edge augmented reality technology that can lead to increased production efficiencies and cost savings. With automated tracking, analytics capabilities, and intuitive user controls, Zia is the perfect solution for a competitive business looking to maximize its operations.

3. Investing in Zia is an investment in luxury. With a tailored and feature-rich platform, Zia offers the highest quality in spatial computing, ensuring that your business runs more smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption. From data capture & analysis to collaboration across applications, Zia ensures optimal performance.